About The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth is there to help put parents mind at ease, that no one is alone and yes everyone may struggle on a day to day basis. In case you missed the video, find out more about how we started.

About the Founder

Melissa Chantelle Martin, a Human Resources Management graduate at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, enjoys helping and supporting others by inspiration, encouragement and reaching out to others.


Became a mother to her first born son at the age of 36, soon realised that how precious and how important it is contributing a vital role to children and of course the Next Generation, soon after her first born son she had her daughter.


Work Experience

Her work experience includes having previously worked as Talent Sourcing Officer at the Department of the Premier, by guiding processes within the Recruitment and Selection area.

She was raised in Elsies River and matriculated at Elsies River Secondary School.

She enjoys helping where she can make an impact and making a difference in others life by sharing her personal experience of becoming a parent.

If you have ever felt ..

  • stress due to work
  • worried about your children’s well being
  • how your children interact with other kids, and whether they get trapped into like technology games that could harm them
  • whether or not they are being bullied, in a gang or fear gangsterism /  drugs / rape / child abduction etc.

All of the above said, The Ugly Truth is here for any parent to just talk; share or vent in a decent matter that is respectful to all.

The Ugly Truth is what no one would openly discuss but hopefully some would be reached out to by relating; sharing their concerns and what is way forward regarding investing in our children.

Care Givers

Whether you are a care giver, a blood relative, single or adoptive parent, we are here to support you. 

Concerns we all face


Education systems. Prayers in schools. Bullying – Cyber Tech. Quality of materials and consents from parents to what educational institutions put in place Economy – dealings/ trades/


Unemployment – Crime/ Gangsterism/ Drugs/Abuse/Rape/ Children abductions/ traffic Technology – Cyber bullying/.



Social media – fabrication (television: soapies) News / newspapers Community work – no synergy, always competing or don’t see eye to eye Humanity form unity.

Corruption – Importing illegal drugs/ illegal ammunition/ trades “favours”


Our Vision

For the youth to understand what they can become in life as all at some stage needed guidance and encouragement. 

Our Mission

To reach out to any parent(s) to become the change that we would want our children to be better at. It’s a challenge but it is not impossible.