Background on my pregnancy with Zen Leigh Martin (our eldest son)

Zen was my first (1st) Caesarean section operation even though I opted for normal birth, the chances were as discussed with myself and my husband that anything can happen to either myself or our first born son. Obviously not wanting to take any chances we opted then for the 19th May 2018 as he was a really big boy at birth weighing almost 4kg.

I was so uncomfortable and endured a lot of pain during my first pregnancy. I experienced so much discomfort at the end and when nobody expected Zen to do his last turn in my belly, guess what? He did, the gynaecologist could not even believe it. He is our “little miracle child”, just before we found out that I was pregnant, I had a huge cyst removed and was advised to “play it safe” as the operation I had could have a ripple effect should I fall pregnant, not the type of news any woman would want to hear after being married for two (2) years. Of course we became broody and was looking forward to starting a family. And here comes Zen along…

Now having to deal with what was advised we were very hopeful that everything would go according to God’s plan, and worst case scenario:- “if it was meant to be, it will be” None of our families knew this at the time because we as a married couple decided to keep it for ourselves then. I was closely monitored when I was expecting Zen, at times we couldn’t hear a heartbeat, then all of a sudden his heartbeat raises. It was a very anxious time period for both myself and husband, but looking back today, I have to admit Zen definitely stood through all obstacles and odds as what was predicted to expect during my pregnancy.

Even our gynaecologist, Dr. Sarel Brandt was amazed how strong Zen became and was very happy with each visitation of the progress that he made.

Today, he is our little champ and what a charmer he is. He is full of life and vibrant and has such a friendly personality that at times it becomes a bit overwhelming.